Forged Dice Co Mimic Chest Dice Storage Box - Container Holds up to 5 Sets of Polyhedral Dice or 35 Individual Dice - Fits Polyhedral Metal Dice D&D Miniatures and Dungeons and Dragons Accessories

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Brand: Forged Dice Co.


  • GREAT GIFT: The Forged Dice Co Mimic Dice Chest is a great Dungeons and Dragons gift for any tabletop or RPG gamer. Packaged in a beautiful Forged Dice Co branded box and wrapped in foam to ensure safe travel this Mimic Storage Box is the perfect D&D gift
  • QUALITY: Handcrafted and made of high quality polyresin. Weighing in at 1 pound 8 ounces this Mimic is not lightweight. Quality hinges and a working latch that keeps the lid closed make this dice vault a great storage solution that can travel or stay put on display during your tabletop game
  • SIZE: Measures 5.5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide and 3.75 inches tall. Interior can fit 5 sets of standard polyhedral dice or 35 individual dice
  • DETAIL: Hand made and hand painted. The outside looks like a regular treasure chest but once open the voracious Mimic appears with menacing teeth ready to devour more dice... or your fingers. Both beautifully crafted and unique ready to store your metal or resin dice and intimidate your foes
  • VERSATILE: Not just a dice storage solution. Use it as a role playing game prop for D&D games or storage for trinkets, tabletop miniatures, dnd figures, rpg tokens, fantasy figurines or any gaming accessories you need to protect

Genre: Role Playing

Publisher: 2Fold Supply

Details: Forged Dice Co Mimic Chest Dice Storage Box - Paintable - Holds up to 5 Sets of Polyhedral Dice or 35 Individual Dice - Fits Polyhedral Metal Dice D&D Miniatures and Dungeons and Dragons Accessories D&D Accessories and Metal Dice by Forged Dice Co. are just a few of the DnD accessories and Gaming tools brought to you by our creative hoard. Hand crafted and hand painted our Mimic Chest box has enough room for 5 sets of polyhedral dice. Don't just show up with a boring bag of devouring or plain old dice bag! Set this inconspicuous treasure chest on the table and stun your gaming friends when they open to reveal the vicious teeth of a MIMIC! Weighing in at 1 pound 8 ounces and made of polyresin this treasure check dice vault is no cheap trinket holder. When closed, there is no sign of anything out of the ordinary but when opened the mimic's teeth and bounty are revealed. Dare to remove the precious bounty captured by the Forged Dice Co. Mimic Chest!. Heft has allure. It has presence. It brings attitude. We are Forged Dice and we craft full-metal gaming dice and high quality dnd accessories that bring a new level of excitement and awe to any role-playing game. We realized GMs and players alike hungered for game equipment with more power, more swagger, and more freedom for one to express his or her inner hero.More importantly, we wanted our dice and accessories to make a statement without costing an arm and a leg. I guess you could say that's just how we roll. The die is cast. We set out to create more than a gaming accessory company. We looked, listened, and responded to what players wanted and created affordable and functional gaming tools that enhance gameplay and inspire greater gaming experiences. From our metal dice to our dry-erase game boards to our dice mats, our products have been forged from our players desire.

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 6.2 x 5.9 inches