D&D Flying Miniatures Combat Riser (Set of 2) Acrylic Laser Cut Flight Stand Terrain from 0 to 9999 ft Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer and Other Tabletop RPG

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Brand: CZYY


  • SOLUTION FOR FLYING COMBAT SPACE: No need to use coins plastic bottles or checkers to simulate aerial attacks or battles. Our flight platforms with scale are an excellent way to show an elevation in tabletop games.
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: This set comes with two sizes of flight stand. The small one has a 1" square base, a 1" round stand. The large one has a 2" square base, a 2" round stand. Both flying miniature risers are cross-assembled from two 3.9" tall acrylic pieces with scale. It’s a nice, no sharp edges, and stands well.
  • FLIGHT ALTITUDE: This flying figure stand has notches cut in the sides for the marking chits for the height, and measurements from 0 to 9999 ft.
  • EASY TO USE AND TRACK: No glue, no knife or screws to set this flying figure stand on the table. It is so easy to take apart or put together for game play. You can mark the number with a marker or clamp the slots with small clips to show the altitude of the miniature. It's more intuitive than using several different tokens and much easier than keeping notes!
  • GREAT ADDITION FOR ANY TABLE TOP RPGs - It's great for aerial combat. These flight platforms help with the illusion of your players flying while in battle and allow you a new level of immersion in RPG. A must have for any gaming table!

Binding: Office Product

Genre: war

Publisher: CZYY

Details: Tired of using coins, plastic bottles, checkers or whatever else you can find to show elevation in your game? Then the CZYY Combat Tier Set is for you! This game aid gives you the ability to show elevation ranging from 0 to 9999 ft with the base set. It also gives you the ability to combat at different heights with the combat stage platforms. It's great for aerial combat, wall defense scenarios, and will make water combats a breeze with the ability to accurately represent three dimensional combat. Our set is made of durable acrylic. Give yourself or your players a quick visual reference to enhance the adventure experience. An exceptional tool and ideal gift for DM! Kit Included: - 1 Small Flight Stand(a 1" square base,a 1" round stand, 2 3.9" high acrylic risers) - 1 Large Flight Stand(a 2" square base,a 2" round stand, 2 3.9" high acrylic risers)

Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.5 x 1.1 inches