D&D Acrylic Condition Rings 72 PCS Status Effect Markers in 18 Conditions & Colors with 3x6 Storage Box Great DM Tool for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and RPG Miniatures

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Brand: CZYY


  • MAKES TRACKING VARIOUS CONDITIONS A BREEZE - Our 72 Status Rings in 18 conditions that you can hang off your NPC and PC minis to track what Dungeons and Dragons conditions are affecting them. These rings make tracking status effects during combat so much easier, definitely better than using colored rubber bands or colored bottle cap.
  • GREAT ADDITION FOR TABLETOP RPGs - Perfect for your table top role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any TTRPG that uses miniatures and has status effects. Hang this off your minis to show Monster/NPC/Player conditions, focus on the combat and having hours of fun with your group!
  • PREMIUM DESIGN FOR EASY TRACKING - The dimensions are about 1.53 inches across and close to 1/10" thick. They have a 1 inch inside diameter broadly compatible with miniatures of many sizes. The variety of colors and the high contrast lettering allows you to quickly identify statuses and lets your players easily read them from across the table.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Our CZYY DnD condition rings made of translucent gem-like acrylic, they are beautiful, rigid, and will last many lifetimes. Sturdy, beautiful, and legible. A really high-value addon to anyone running games with miniatures.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR DUNGEON MASTER - Make a great gift for your dungeon master and sure to be a big hit with your players if you are the DM. Throw those old plastic milk carton rings away and get yourself these fun & easy to read condition markers. Simply click "ADD TO CART" and "CHECKOUT", these effect makers will make your game more vibrant!

Binding: Toy

Publisher: CZYY

Details: One of the great challenges of playing and DMing Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games is keeping track of it all... Who caught on fire when that fire elemental burst through the group? Who is in the midst of a grapple? Is that miniature you turned onto its side dying? Or just prone? Condition rings are a simple but effective way of eliminating the confusion and making your battlefield conditions not only easier to manage but helping both players and dungeon master's alike to avoid troublesome'I forgot that' moments that break your immersion. The Dungeon Master Kit is compatible with 5E and includes all of the standard conditions listed in the Player's Handbook as well as markers for Concentration. This set includes 72 Condition Markers: 4 x Blinded in Smokey Black 4 x Charmed in Enthralling Pink 4 x Concentration in Feywild Pink 4 x Deafened in Sky Blue 4 x Exhaustion in Eldritch Purple 4 x Frightened in Danger Yellow 4 x Grappled in Hellfire Orange 4 x Incapacitated in Potion Purple 4 x Invisible in White 4 x Paralyzed in Acid Green 4 x Petrified in Stone Gray 4 x Poisoned in Forest Gnome Green 4 x Prone in Lagoon Teal 4 x Restrained in Milky White 4 x Stunned in Sapphire Blue 4 x Unconscious in Bloodied Red 4 x Hex in Purple 4 x Hunter's Mark in Green 1 x 18 Lattices Acrylic Storage Box(At a glance and quick selection) Simply slip the markers over your miniatures and all the information is on the battlefield for all to see! Excellent addition to your D&D campaign!

Package Dimensions: 9.2 x 5.0 x 1.8 inches