42pcs Polyhedral RPG Dice (6 Sets of 7 Dice)

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This item includes 6 sets of polyhedral dice for tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, as well as various board games. This set comes with 7 complete sets of die. Each set includes: 1pcs D4, 1pcs D6, 1pcs D8, 1pcs D10, 1pcs D12, 1pcs D20, and 1pcs D100. Each set is designed in double assorted colors, easy to discern when you are playing. Such a colorful dice set will add more fun to your playing time with family and friends. Easy way to ensure you have enough dice for your guests!

- Works well for games such as Dungeons and Dragons or any of the other RPGs that require different sided dice.

- Great for Table Games, Board Game, Dungeons and Dragons, RPG, D&D, MTG, Yugioh, Miniature Gaming, Education and school supplies.