7 Piece Metal Dice Set - Black & Dragonscale

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Metal RPG tabletop roleplaying polyhedral dice set perfect for D&D, Pathfinder and more!

Customer Reviews

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Lenny O'Reilly

i have not received these, I accidentally press that I received it.

Candida Lowe

very nice, heavy as sh*t, and the antique look suits them well.

Ivy Denesik

I'm super satisfied with both the quality of the dice and how fast they got delivered! They arrived in two and a half week's time, neatly and carefully packaged. Each dice had its own little pocket to avoid scratching, and it DOES come with a little black pouch! I was a little sceptical about the color of the dice at first, I didn't think they would be as vibrant as they were on the product pictures, but no photo could do justice to how beautiful they actually are in person, and if they look dull or dark on some pictures, it's because the lighting in different. They're definitely metal and feel amazing to roll with. I absolutely recommend buying them, and I'm thinking about getting a set for my friend's birthday as well.

Efren Haag

Great product. I loved it. It comes very protected and with sachet, which is always appreciated.

Gabrielle Hand

Great product. Heavy. Numbers clear. Recommend.